Bene 390

Lori and I bought our 1989 390 from a repo lot on Lake Washington. We  had been looking at Bene’s for many years. As a size upgrade from our 34 C&C which we loved very much. It  was a really sweet boat that moved in a puff and we had many fun adventures in her. I still  miss the C&C but I definitly don’t have enough money to afford or time to maintain 2  boats. So anyway back to the repo lot where we found our Bene. Packed into this slot between two floating buildings. We had to climb over other repo boats to get to it. The guys at the lot Didn’t know anything about her. so we were really on our own to figure out what had happened to her. Most of the equipment had been removed there was oil in the bilge but the motor looked pretty good. It was a wierd thing for sure It looked like most of the cabinets had been removed and reinstalled. We spent several hours looking her over that day. Found some paper work and reciept for a new 2004 Volvo Penta engine which i believe was installed in 2005. This was really good news and we  figured it really couldn’t have more than 500 hours on it, basicly a new engine. We had a survey done and even though i wasn’t really impressed with the survey guy we determined that the rig was new, another really good thing. there would be alot of work to do and equipment to purchase but we decided the deal we would get would make up for the expense of the equipment and since woking on boats is what I enjoy, a deal was made and we started working on her.

She looks pretty rough sitting here in the repo lot

We Paid for a month storage at the repo lot which we hoped would be enough to get the boat ready to make the 90 mile winter trip  from Lake Union to Deer Harbor It had no toilet and there was no doubt that that had to  be taken care of